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Template ULTIMELAB2 some questions

Hello Support,

I have several problems with the template.

Quick View does not work when I'm in category, do not send pop-up screen.

Which module should I use for "VIRTUEMART PRODUCTS (Quicklook - PRODUCT QUICK-VIEW)" I've used several but I can not find him.

Photos of isotope module are very small and are not centered, also if you put an item description the button below detail is lost.

When a category is shown, in part to order, small icons are not shown and the pop viertuemart variable appears.
In any article in the category, the drop of products to choose them before adding to cart not appear.

Where I can put the cart module.? topmenuright in position fails to be displayed properly.

I'm using VirtueMart-3.0.12 and Joomla! 3. 4. 5

Sorry for my English.
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    Monday, December 14 2015, 12:27 PM - #permalink
    Hi Luis, can you please provide webiste url?
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    Monday, December 14 2015, 01:44 PM - #permalink
    1. "Quick View does not work when I'm in category, do not send pop-up screen."
    Go to VM configuration > "Shopfront" tab > Product Listing > Check "Show the product navigation"
    2. Please use "div based" layout
    3. You can set the thumbnail image size in the Virtuemart configuration.
    4. Please provide a screenshot of this issue
    5. position-6 or position-7
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    Tuesday, December 15 2015, 10:05 PM - #permalink

    I circled the error in the image.

    Another problem I've found is ...

    I use "baseprice" and not "salesprice" to show it in the articles. The problem is that the car is not properly updated and no total amount. Alguna solución a este problema
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    Thursday, December 17 2015, 05:04 PM - #permalink
    Are you using our One Page Checkout plugin? Can you please provide website url?
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