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I have bought the proffesional package. I have put the test site here.
I have copied the database and the files from my localhost to this domain. Only what I have changed is the configuration file of course.

But there are a few strange things:
- the layout for the isotope module is not the same as on my created template. The boxes don't have the same size and on the right side of the picture is a black box shown. Why?
- the color for the social icons on my created template are green. But after downloading they are black, and no circle is shown.
- Here on my test site the product scroller VM2 Div based is good. But on my localhost it vertical in stead of horizontal.

I hope that you can explain what is wrong.

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    Friday, May 09 2014, 09:13 AM - #permalink
    Hi Nico,

    1. Social icons issue:
    2. Isotope issue: Go to admin Joomla > Viirtuemart > Recreate thumbs Thumbnail images are too small.
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    Friday, May 09 2014, 09:43 PM - #permalink
    Hi Linelabox,

    Thanks for the answer.

    1. The social icons I don't understand, because I have made the custom html of social icons without any editor. (I have been to that thread before when I installed template without the profeatures). (I know what the problem is, if you use TinyMCE or JCE and you save the custom output than <i .... is lost). I don't have changed anything to this custom module! The only thing what I have changed is the template. I download a new template with the profeatures, and then the social icons don't work anymore!???

    Ok, it's working now again.

    2. How could I know this? What is the best dimensions for the thumbnail?

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    Saturday, May 10 2014, 04:20 PM - #permalink
    Hi Nico, We recommend a maximum width of 180px pixels.
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